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Exercise Physiology 1 on 1 & Personal Training

Private consultation/sessions, using exercise as medicine to develop structured management plan to help with your specific needs.

Exercise Physiology Group

A specialised class for those who want to continue on with their structured exercise program in a more cost effective setting.

Group Personal Training (classes)

A supervised maintenance program which is fun and challenging. Every session is different and we aim to help improve your fitness, strength, core stability, flexibility and overall health.

Falls Prevention and Diabetes Education

Specialised classes which focus on balance related issues as well as Diabetes (please contact us to to registered on the waiting list)

Stretching session

Designed to relieve tight muscles and tension throughout the body through trigger point releases, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching as well as traditional dynamic and static stretches.


Improve your flexibility, strength and state of mind through our yoga program. *Yoga now runs independently, please contact Franziska for more information.

Our Facility

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