Group Training

Our group personal training service offers customised supervised exercise sessions, we limit the number of our participants to ensure the most effective exercise experience (maximum of 10 members per session).

This allows us to closely monitor and correct our clientèle’s  technique and adjust the level of each exercise to suit every individual, thus preventing any injuries that may occur in less supervised environments.

Bigger more traditional gyms offer classes with well over 20 participants. Their one size fits all sessions do not work well for everyone, especially for those who may have injury concerns or do not like exercising in such a busy and less supervised setting.


We offer a variety of classes which include:

Group Circuit: Our main type of class which targets an overall whole body cardiovascular and resistance workout. Your fitness, strength, flexibility and core strength will all be trained during these sessions. Each class is different which provides variety to your programme.

Core Stability: A unique class aimed to work on your abdominal and back muscles to improve core strength and stability, great for those looking to improve on their torso strength.

Boxercise: A high intensity workout involving boxing and kickboxing to really test the cardiovascular system.

Stretching Class: A speciality class aimed to loosen muscle tightness and improve flexibility, a great way to release tension in the body.


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